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Hey, I'm Guillaume (that's me on the photo). Welcome here, I'm glad you found this website. I had a bashful bladder for 17 years, I managed to get rid of it and I want to help people struggling with this nightmare.

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Discover why people with shy bladder syndrome physically can’t urinate in public restrooms. Learn about the interplay between your bladder’s muscles and nervous system, and how therapy can open the door to healing.

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Paruresis Unveiled: The Science of Mind, Body, and Bladder

Explore 6 effective techniques to conquer shy bladder syndrome: Uncover psychological and therapeutic strategies for overcoming paruresis in this comprehensive guide.

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Conquering Bashful Bladder: 6 Proven Methods for Relief

This study analyzes the impact of physical proximity on urination time in men. Learn how stress and discomfort can affect our ability to urinate. Do we all have shy bladders?

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Stress and Urinals: Discover the Surprising Effects of Proximity on Urination!

Learn how to talk about paruresis or shy bladder syndrome with your loved ones. Open communication can help reduce stigma and improve your well-being.

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How to Talk About Shy Bladder with Your Friends and Family

Learn how to overcome shy bladder syndrome with this step-by-step guide on using the breath hold technique to pee in public situations.

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Shy Bladder: How to Use Breath Holding to Unlock Yourself On-Demand

Urinary retention is often embarrassing because, of course, it causes problems in the toilet, but also because people do not dare to talk about it or consult a specialist. In some cases, such as shy bladder, one can be affected for decades without knowing that it has a name. My goal is to list 3 common urinary

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Urinary retention: identify your problem based on your symptoms